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Our heart for you is to live a life free of the impact of negative emotions through truth-based, powerful thinking. The RENEW! Workshop series is designed to help restore God’s intention for you to live with power, love and a sound mind. You will learn to overcome and become more aware of how your thinking impacts your life. When life hurts, we are here to help!

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4 Week Workshop

The RENEW! workshop is the starting place for the Renew Workshop Series. This workshop is designed to help you identify how and why your feelings affect your behavior, know how to engage truthful thinking to restore your identity, and empower yourself with intentional thinking. You will get a look into the practices of awareness, flipping, wrestling and walking in the reward of an intentional and submitted heart and mind. The workshops that follow will sharpen your skills in each of these areas. You truly can walk in a transformed and renewed mind.  

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4 Week Workshop

This workshop will help increase awareness of emotions and learn to be present in the moment. Awareness is a foundational building block for knowledge and wisdom. Learn to: Discern the difference between thoughts and feelings, understand and increase your level of emotional intelligence, manage overwhelming emotions and runaway thoughts.

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4 Week Workshop

     - Coming Soon

This workshop will teach you how to “flip” your emotions to work for you instead of against you. You will learn to walk in the freedom of the truth. Using time-tested strategies for creating new thinking habits you will learn how speak carefully about how you feel and from a place of power and intention.

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4 Week Workshop

     - Coming Soon

Emotions are powerful and can direct our understanding of ourselves and the choices we make. In this workshop, you will discover intentional and practical ways to walk in the truth regardless of how you feel. 

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4 Week Workshop

     - Coming Soon

This workshop will teach you strategies and techniques for standing firm in the truth and your identity and enjoy your life, even in the face of difficult emotions.

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