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Sherry L. Rose, DTh

Founder and President

Counselor, Speaker & Author

Welcome to Wellspring! I love seeing people grow and heal! I am passionate about walking with people in their journey toward a sound identity in Christ and fulfilling life. I‘ve heard it said that “people are not broken in need of fixing, but hurt in need of healing.” I connect with this idea because every day I meet people who are hurt, struggling with set-backs and distractions, and often feeling that they’ve lost themselves along the way. I also relate personally, because in my journey to today I’ve faced my fair share of losses, hurts, disappointments, difficulties and betrayals. I’ve also experienced love and fulfilled dreams, along with healing (which requires hurt or sickness), hope restored (which requires hope broken), and victory (which requires a battle)! Our life experiences, both the ones we desire and the ones we don’t, create opportunities for us to grow. We have a choice: we can let our challenges determine who we are or we can let our identity determine how to heal through our challenges. Our struggles build our emotional and mental muscles as we learn about ourselves and God. I believe there is a God-inspired purpose for every life and that God can bring good things out of every circumstance. He can turn even the deepest hurts and greatest sin into abundant life!


At Wellspring, we believe in a full approach to caring for people: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We believe in the power of God to heal and restore. We can help you with a variety of needs: depression, anxiety, relationship/divorce recovery, marriage issues, adult and childhood grief, negative thinking and fear, as well as domestic, sexual and other abuses. Additionally, we provide coaching, life-skill workshops and topic-specific recovery support groups. If we are unable to help you, we will try to connect you with someone who can.


Thank you for visiting Wellspring and we look forward to walking with you!


It’s about the journey!


Why a non-profit?

In my years of ministry and non-profit efforts, I have realized that there is a great gap in resources available to people who fall below the middle classes (who can afford services) yet above very low income levels (who have free services available). This lower-middle class, if you will, represents a significant slice of our community with thousands of adults and families. Most of these are working people making modest wages with big dreams and hopes for their families and, I believe, a desire to grow and prosper. I believe in taking a proactive approach to community service. It is my heart to come along side of people to support individuals and families in our community by providing opportunity and resources that will encourage people to heal, grow, dream, plan and walk into a brighter future.


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