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5 Week Workshop

The RENEW workshop is designed to help you identify how and why your feelings and thoughts affect your life. You will learn how to identify painful emotions and choose intentional thinking to restore your mind and to empower yourself with truth. You will get a look into the concepts of awareness, flipping, wrestling and walking in the reward of an intentional and submitted heart and mind. You truly can live transformed and renewed by the Word of God.

Returning later in 2024! 

If you're interested in this amazing workshop, click below and we'll put you on the list! 


Our heart for you is to live a life free of the impact of negative emotions through truth-based, powerful thinking. The RENEW! Workshop is designed to help restore God’s intention for you to live with power, love and a sound mind. You will learn to overcome and become more aware of how your thinking impacts your life. When life hurts, we are here to help!

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