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Sometimes, as Christians, we face disappointments and hurts from the very people we depend on to walk through this life with … other Christians.


We find ourselves crushed by weakness, even the sin, in our leaders. We lay our lives down to follow a leader we trust, only to feel set aside, rejected or devalued. We find our significance in serving our Lord and struggle when opportunities aren’t made available for our callings and dreams within our congregations. Although it is rarely the intention to hurt people, it is an unfortunate truth that people get hurt in our churches and by leaders. 


If you are ready to heal from the wounds in your heart created within the walls of a church, please join us.


Hope After Hurt is a 11 week small group course designed to bring about healing and restoration to the wounded hearts of God’s children. You may never step foot back through the doors of a church, but you still have a kingdom purpose and divine calling! Please don’t delay in engaging in the healing process.

Your wholeness and refreshing await!



Our next group will begin September 13 , 2018


Group is held each Thursday at 6:15 p.m. for

10 weeks at the Wellspring offices,

a professional, safe, and confidential environment.


(We are not offering a morning group at this time.)

For more information,

please call 661-489-5953 or email us.


There is hope!
Isaiah 61:1-3

Hope After Hurt is committed to provide a safe & confidential environment. Your privacy is important to us.

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If you need to make financial arrangements, please let us know!  Don't let money be the reason to postpone the healing that is yours today!

Register Today!

Cost is $140

Includes all books & materials

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