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The vision of Wellspring is that women would live in mental, physical and spiritual health and understanding of their identity and strengths, partnered with integrity and a community focus in alignment with their potential for

personal impact and through volunteerism.

Oasis Groups


Oasis groups are short-term (6-8 weeks) topic specific talk groups for women. In our life journey we all face times when we just need to share and connect with others in similar situation. These groups are counselor overseen but attendee led. Topics may include:

  • Disappointments

  • Delayed Vision

  • Holiday Hurts

  • New Wives

  • Expectant new moms

  • Career change

  • Teen leaving for college

  • Single moms with teens 

  • Empty Nest

Restoration Groups


Group counseling is available for women facing significant life changes or deeper wounds. These groups are counselor led. The following topics:


  • Domestic Violence Recovery and Identity Restoration

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • Wounded by the Church 

Jennifer Morin, MTh

Co-Author & Facilitator

Hope After Hurt

Jennifer Morin, MTh

Co-facilitator Hope After Hurt

Jennifer Morin’s foremost passion is to motivate Christians to fully abide in the Lord and submit to the counsel and conviction of the Holy Spirit. She desires to see the children of God daily experience the presence of God. Jennifer received a bachelor’s degree in 2000 as well as a master’s degree in Christian counseling and leadership in 2013. Her multifaceted ministry involvement has given her experience in church administration, event planning, teaching, and prayer teams, as well as youth and women’s ministry. She also organizes outreaches to the impoverished communities in Bakersfield. In 2013, Jennifer formed Discipleship House Ministries to serve as a refuge for those who have been hurt by the church. Her mission has been to assist the body of Christ in overcoming strongholds and sinful behaviors that stifle believers’ spiritual growth. Jennifer makes herself available to those who truly want to discover the power of using their authority in Christ and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to find the freedom and abundance Jesus provides!

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